Here's what a few grads and students of the Ananda program have said...

"I was starting to regret moving here until I met you, because trying to get my license was no fun. You made everything good again. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kindness."
~Kristin H, LMP

"I appreciate Dari's dedication to teaching individuals by tailoring the classroom experience to her students' learning styles and interests. This creates an ideal environment."
~Traci W., LMP

"I highly recommend Dari as an instructor. She has a calming, understanding presence and her sincerity and confidence will inspire every student to succeed in any endeavor."
~Dana H., LMP

"Dari Lewis is an exceptional teacher and colleague who demonstrates the highest ethical and professional values of our profession. The friendly and inviting atmosphere of Ananda Massage Training puts the student/transferee at ease. Dari's friendly and outgoing nature make her truly a one-of-a-kind person to learn from. I couldn't recommend her program enough."
~Wayne C., LMP

"Thank you for opening your home and your life to me and for sharing your wisdom. The most important thing I've learned is to believe in myself and I thank you for that."
~Sarah W., LMP

"I thought a workshop on law would be really boring, but you made the whole process fun and informative."
~Catherine G., LMP

"Dari has an incredible, concise and complete massage training program for those who know what they want to accomplish. I was able to schedule my classes around a full work schedule and family while I trained with other Ananda students. I would not have been able to get my LMP license without this program."
~David P., LMP

"I found Ananda Massage Training while searching for a way to transfer from California where I worked as an MT for years. I met Dari in her lovely home--no desks, just a round table with cozy chairs. And she makes learning fun! She has wowed me with her ability to be present with each of her students, reaching out to each of us. She takes the time to teach each student and for me, she has been the most amazing teacher in my life. I will be forever grateful."
~Sudha W. (Soon to be an LMP)

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