510-hour bilingual program - Our bilingual program has been approved by the WA Board of Massage. Our mission is to blend the best of Western and Chinese massage practices through a multi-cultural bilingual massage training program (Chinese/English) that empowers graduates to get licensed and earn a living wage, and to be the postiive change that overturns the negative stereotype assocaited with Asian massage.

We adhere to professional and ethical standards that privde a framework for training that students and licensing agencies can trust.

Classes are taught in English/Mandarin or Mandarin/English, depending on the instructor. Western (English speaking) students are welcome to attend, with the understanding and acceptance of the manner in which courses are taught. The cultural exchange can be a wonderful experience.

Classes are condensed into two days per week (8am to 10PM with two hour-long meal breaks) and spread out over the minimum 6 months required by the state. This means you will have a one week break approximately every 3-6 weeks and two weeks around the winter holidays (Christmas and American New Years). It is an intensive schedule, however it allows time to balance work and family with school.

Classes are scheduled to start:
July 25 (Wednesday/Thursday)
Our classes fill early. You can hold your spot with a $100 enrollment fee.

Important! Make sure the bilingual school you are attending is approved by the WA Board of Massage. Schools claiming to be bilingual must be approved as such.

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